Foothills County On-line Permit Application

Step 1: Apply On-line

Why do I need a permit?

In accordance with MD of Foothills Fire by-law No. 74/2015 a Burn Permit is required for all outdoor burning within the MD of Foothills.

Who can burn?

Only those people in "approved" areas are eligible for a permit. 

Do I have to be the property owner?

Any person/tenant living in a rental structure or in an area having multiple occupancies WILL NOT be issued a burn permit UNLESS the **Property Owner's Permission to Burn Form (pdf)** is completed and signed by the owner.  This can be submitted when the Class 2 permit application is reviewed.

How do I obtain a burn permit?

You can apply online by proceeding to Step 2 below, or in person at the Heritage Pointe Fire Station during regular business hours.

What can I burn?

You may burn wood products, wood by-products or leaves. Make sure you have a means of extinguishing the fire at all times during the fire.

Do I need to display my permit?

You must be able to produce your permit for proof of permit during the burn.

Once I have my permit, can I go ahead and burn?

No. Before you burn call 1-888-808-3722 one-hour minimum before you burn!!

What if I burn without a permit?

If you burn without a permit -- or contravene any of the terms and conditions in the permit -- you may be assessed a fine and/or additional costs associated with suppression services rendered.

Don't have a computer or internet access?

If you do not have a computer or access to a computer, you may apply in person to the Heritage Pointe Fire Station.


For information concerning the rules and restrictions in place for outdoor burning, call the Fire Department 403-603-3571.

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